commercial plumbing repair, maintenance and other services

Over the years, our experience and familiarity with properties and facilities has increased
customer requests for our repair and maintenance services.


Our commitment to providing efficient and exceptional service has us utilizing fiber optic cameras and high-pressure water drain cleaners among other technological


We currently provide maintenance to a wide range of commercial, retail, healthcare and residential customers including the Hilton Hawaiian Village, all Outrigger Hotels throughout the State of Hawaii, Hyatt Regency Maui, Foodland Supermarkets, Ala Moana Shopping Center, and Kahala Mall. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond to emergency calls.


commercial plumbing repair, maintenance and other services



BackFlow Prevention & Testing

    Commercial Plumbing is certified by the City & County of Honolulu to perform backflow testing. We

    currently have four (4) certified backflow preventer testers. Our recurring clients are Outrigger Hotels,

    Sheraton Hotel, Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center, Watumull Properties, Colliers Monroe Friedlander

    and various private physicians’ offices.



      Our jetters utilize high pressure water to clean and remove debris from sewer and drain lines. This

      cost effective, efficient way of cleaning not only assists with clearing blocked lines but when performed

      on a maintenance basis can reduce the occurrence of future blockages.



  • Pipe Rehabilitation
  • Commercial Plumbing currently represents the Lateral Lining System known as Perma Liner in the State of Hawaii. The Lateral Lining System is designed to rehabilitate existing small diameter pipelines without extensive excavation by using a cured-in place plastic-pipe (CIPPP) method of pipe rehabilitation. Damaged or leaking pipes, like sewer laterals, can be rehabilitated using this technique. The major benefit of this system is not having to remove, excavate or install new pipes to leaking service
    laterals that are buried underneath
    buildings, driveways, swimming pools,
    walls or tiles, resulting in reduced repair costs and less anxiety for the property owner.


    In addition, existing service laterals are repaired in a significantly reduced amount of time. Because the existing PVC, clay or cast iron pipe is permanently repaired and not removed, the time involved is less than an installation of a new sanitary sewer service lateral.


    We currently have eight (8) licensed
    plumbers trained and certified to line
    lateral pipes. Some of the successful
    lining projects completed to date have
    been performed at shopping centers,
    commercial properties, residential homes and apartment complexes.


    Our recent projects include:



  • Outrigger Canoe Club
  • All storm drain and sewer lines


  • Rainbow Vistas
  • 3” storm drain


  • Hilton Hawaiian Village, Lagoon Tower
  • 8” sewer main


  • Rolles Residence
  • All sewer lines


  • Kolo & Kirin Apartments
  • Ground floor sewer lines


  • Foodland Keaau (Big Island)
  • Repair sewer line






Video Camera Viewing & Toning

    Commercial Plumbing employs different cameras that are capable of videoing existing pipe conditions in various pipe sizes. The video allows property owners to predetermine the cause of leaks or blockages prior to effecting repairs which can greatly reduce time and repair costs. Advance screening of pipe conditions is also instrumental for design teams in identifying potential work for future projects.





As part of our services we also provide a findings report including a DVD of the camera recording.


In conjunction with our video camera equipment, we utilize toners to assist in identifying underground and hidden pipe locations. By emitting non-harmful frequencies, the toner is

able to specifically locate existing underground pipes and inverts. For owners who have

just purchased a property and do not have as-built drawings, or if drawings have been misplaced over the years, this is an inexpensive tool for tracing plumbing lines.



Solar Water Heating

    The local utility company touts solar water heating as one of the best ways to decrease utility costs, conserve energy and save the environment. Commercial Plumbing recognizes the value in harnessing renewable energy while saving customers money. As a Hawaii Energy participating contractor and participating contractor in Honolulu Community Action Program’s (HCAP’s) Weatherization Assistance Program, we have installed numerous solar water heating systems at various military bases, single family residences and multi-story residential complexes. A few benefits of solar water heating are:


    Energy conservation and decreased
    energy costs


    Additional cost savings when installed
    with a tankless water heater


    Possible utility company rebates


    Possible government tax credits


    Tankless Water Heating

      The future of water heating is here and Commercial Plumbing is ready to bring this future to our clients. The tankless water heater is an energy-efficient heater that provides hot water on demand and only when needed. Without a reservoir tank like traditional water heaters coupled with



the technology of the heating system, there are numerous advantages to this type of water



Some of the benefits include:

Instant hot water at a continuous, consistent pre-set temperature to multiple fixtures simultaneously


Heat water only when you need it


Never run out of hot water


Reduced risk of flooding


Space saving design easily installed on a wall


Available for solar water heating applications


Possible government tax credits